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Ég setti ţetta koment inn viđ grein Evu Joily um afstöđu mína til Icesave. Best ađ setja hana hér inn líka.

fyrsti hlutinn er tilvitnun í annađ komment tengt greininni.

"Iceland -- quite happy to benefit from the cheap borrowing and securities afforded by EU affiliation when the going's good. Unwilling to follow the rules they signed up to when things go wrong."

Mitt svar:

This assumption is wrong. When you talk about a nation you will have to keep in mind that it is not a uniform body. Very few benefited from the neo-liberal policies enabling cheap foreign borrowing.
And what securities were afforded by EU affilition?

The last 2 decades, Iceland has changed from relatively egalitarian society to a society run by (as Chomsky puts it) unaccountable tiranies. inequality has increased dramatically, housing bubble forced families to go deeper into dept in order to by a home (not that cheap borrowing by the way and renting was hardly an option due to government policies ). In short, these last two decades have evolved in a quite typical fashion in terms of outcome from freeing of capital movement , privatising and so on (typical neo-liberal policies). The reason these policies have not hit the general population (until now!) as hard as in many other places. is that Iceland was fully developed welfare state, with relatively rich population, when these policies began to get implemented around 2 decades ago (starting by forcing the population, without asking, into the EEA). But the effect of these policies are becoming quite apparent in Iceland now.

I do admit that the Icelandic financial- and business-community behaved criminally with the support of our "democratically " elected (bought) government. By not resisting this development we do bare heavy responsibility.

The question is how we take on this responsibility. Will we do that by playing by the rules of this corrupted unsustainable global financial system.

Or should we bare that responsibility by being in the forefront of fighting back. should we take the first hit by saying no more. hopefully making the inevitable path for Ireland, Portugal, Greece, Spain ..., a little bit easier.

We should bare in mind that braking the rules of the global system can have consequence. And saying no tomorrow might be quite damaging for Iceland's short term economic interests. Same goes for Ireland if it refuses to take on the dept of their banking system. actually, the same goes for all these nations. If the financial system can pick on one of us at a time they can easily crush us all. but if we all say no they don't stand a chance. One thing is sure, nothing will change until we change it.

If the meddlesome outsiders (the general population) in all of Europe raise there heads together and protest, bailing out the banks and the monstrous austery programs that follow, we might be able to change policies.

So I think Eva Joly is right.
I will say no tomorrow and the Irish, the Portuguese and all the rest should take it to the street and scream no to the bailouts of their banking system.

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1 Smámynd: Jakobína Ingunn Ólafsdóttir

Ţakka ţér fyrir frábćran pistil. Ég gaf mér bessaleyfi og birti hann á feisbók.

Jakobína Ingunn Ólafsdóttir, 9.4.2011 kl. 16:25

2 Smámynd: Elle_

Benedikt, ţakka ţér fyrir ađ skrifa ţetta.  Eins mikilvćgt og ţađ er ađ bćtist í hóp ţeirra sem verja okkur erlendis.  Og skýra hvađ NEI er í alvöru gríđarlega mikilvćgt fyrir heiminn í heild og kúguđ lönd ekki síst. 

Elle_, 9.4.2011 kl. 17:01

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